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If you are reading this you may have taken the first step towards realizing a universal dream…..to fly! If you are like me, dreams of flying have been some of the best dreams you have ever had, the kind of dreams you wake from and hope that if you close your eyes again and fall asleep maybe the dream will continue. Well for me that was not always the case and for most of my early life that feeling was only found in the occasional dream where I had the surprising ability to defy gravity. Some of the time it was not flying as much as it was floating up like a balloon with no control but other times, the best times, I could fly with complete control over every axis, barreling across the landscape and blasting skyward at will. Not everyone has had the same experience but most have seen the grace and beauty of a large bird in the sky and wondered how it would feel to have wings and truly soar high above the ground.  

The sport of hang gliding has been around for many decades and before that there was of course other pioneers that risked life and limb to figure out how to make some kind of contraption that could lift their weight enough to get off the ground. Things have come a long, long way. With modern teaching techniques and  safe, well engineered, and highly refined hang gliders, it has never been safer or easier to learn to fly and enjoy this freedom filled sport.

In Milpitas California we have some of the best schools and one of the most unique training sites in the country. Lessons are taught at Ed Levin County Park any day of the week starting at 8 am when there is little to no wind and going usually until noon with permitting conditions. 

Instructors are passionate about introducing new students to the sport and enjoy being part of the process of training students leaving the ground for the first time. If you want to go all in we will mentor you towards being an accomplished hang glider pilot that can soar along the bluffs that rise up along the rugged coast of California, or fly high in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, or travel the world flying in more exotic locations like the Alps in Switzerland, the Dolomites in Northern Italy, or maybe flying high above the beaches of Rio De Janeiro.

If it calls you, come share the experience of true flight in a very unique, strategically safe, and beautifully scenic environment.


Managing Partner / Instructor / Advanced H4 Pilot


Mike Briganti