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For anyone that has an interest in flying of any kind, we offer Hang Gliding lessons to beginners.

You will experience what it feels like to fly on your first day. Experience what it feels like to be lifted gently off the ground and to glide solo down a gentle slope using one of our specialized “1st Day” training gliders. We start with some practice in the early morning on flat land learning the most basic skills needed to lift, hold, and get the glider moving enough to get it flying.  It is a very light aircraft so students learn to use finesse incorporated with proper technique to fly the glider. A “light touch” allows the glider to fly straight and level with minimal effort by the pilot. New pilots will focus on learning how to foot launch the glider, fly straight with small control inputs when necessary to stay on course, and to land lightly on their feet.  

Each step in the process of learning how to first run with a glider and later launch and fly down a shallow bunny hill is practiced until the student is proficient enough to learn the next step. Each student earns their way higher up the training hill by demonstrating the skills necessary to fly safely. Each student lesson is tailored to that student and is completely self paced.

For some, one day is all they need to satisfy what curiosity they had about Hang Gliding, for others they know immediately that they have found their next great passion.  The memories made on the first day of lessons are forever and are very special. The passion to fly hang gliders discovered by some students on that day is also something very special that we take pride in nurturing.


Seize The Day in High Resolution 4K

Optional video of your lessons available in 4K Super High Resolution. Add this option when purchasing your lessons.